Terms of service

Please read the following terms of use carefully before proceeding with your payment.

Refund policy:
Please note that any payment that has been settled (completed credit card payment, bank transfer, etc.) cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Security policy:
This site is SSL secured, and all data transfers are encrypted.


Credit card payments:
This site uses the standard payment system used worldwide.


Stripe is a e-commerce software platform used globally alongside PayPal, by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. During card payment, the card details are tokenized, so none of your payment information needs to touch our server.

Compatible Credit Cards:
・The following card types can be used: Visa, Master Card and American Express.
・The option to use JCB will be available soon.

Use of your donation:
Donations will be mainly used for the following purposes.
・Management of the football club
・Work to supporting the people of Kenya

・Related activities

We are working directly with a charity based in Kenya, so any donation that we receive will go straight to them and we will ensure that the maximum amount goes towards international aid.

Monthly Support:
・The monthly payment subscription to support this website can be terminated at any time.
・However, it will be the responsibility of the subscriber to follow the necessary procedures (online, at the bank branch, or otherwise) to terminate the subscription
・The monthly subscription is renewed automatically. The monthly payment will be made automatically unless you terminate the contract. We ask that you to proceed with setting up a monthly subscription only if you agree with these terms.

・The termination of the subscription may take a few days to complete, but we will be unable to refund any payment that may occur during this period, so please take this into account before commencing the monthly payment.

Legal Policy:
The management of this website is based on the laws of Japan and the Republic of Kenya.

※The terms of used of the website are subject to change without notice from time to time.

This website will not be liable for any loss or damage related to this website and/or payment unless there is clear violation of the terms on its part.
This website will not be liable for any undelivered e-mails if the direct cause lies outside the control of this website e.g. incompatible mail client settings, spam control, domain configurations etc.